Big Announcement: Be Prepared - The Schattenlande Are Coming!

Hello guys, beautiful news today! I was not allowed to talk about the most wonderful thing that happened to me this year. Melanie Maier, the art director at Ulisses Spiele, asked me whether I was interested in working for Das Schwarze Auge, which is not only Germany's biggest Pen&Paper RPG but also my childhood passion. Of course I was interested! I had a great time working on five interior illustrations for the upcoming book Schattenlande, which is going to be published next month. Ulisses put two of them on their official Blog. Accordingly, I can share them with you. : )

Cover by Markus Koch


  1. Great news mate, gratz ;). I'm wondering what kind of setting is this rpg? It looks a little like ancient time, or something like conan world based, am I right?

  2. That's just great! Congratulations :3
    I haven't read any DSA novels in years, I hope not too many things have changed, but I'll definitely go to my local book store and order it :3

  3. Wow!! Congrats!! Ich hab früher auch mal DSA gespielt und fand die Illustrationen immer am interessantesten an der ganzen Sache, haha! Die 2 Illus sind echt der Hammer *---*
    Ich hab dir auch einen Award verliehen und hoff dass dadurch vielleicht noch viel mehr Leute auf deinen sehenswerten Blog aufmerksam werden! <3

  4. Ich habe das Buch heute von der post geholt. Deine Bilder sehen toll aus! *-*